Absence Notifications

What do I need to do if I’m going to be absent from class?

Attending class is important to your academic success. Individual faculty members have different rules and guidelines on expectations for attendance in their class; these are typically outlined in the class syllabus. It is the discretion of each instructor to excuse the absence or allow make-up work for missed assignments and exams. As a student, you are responsible for notifying your instructor(s), preferably ahead of time, of class absence(s) and should discuss your specific circumstance. 

If you will be absent for three or more consecutive days, and the absence is due to illness or another emergency, you may choose to contact Care Management at (573) 341-4209 or cm@mst.edu to request an absence notification be issued to your current instructors and academic advisor. If you are unable to contact Care Management, the absence notification may be requested by someone on your behalf. A copy of the notice will be sent to you and it will be your responsibility to contact instructors as soon as possible to discuss missed work. Care Management will typically contact you after notification is issued to offer support and assistance as you resume your academic responsibilities. 

Additionally, if you visit Student Health Services, you may request a written confirmation of your visit for an illness/injury, during the time of your office visit. Students should be aware that neither Care Management nor Student Health Services have the authority to grant excuses/exemptions from class. Absences shorter than three days can be addressed directly with the instructor per their established attendance policy. If circumstances arise that make this challenging, contact Care Management for assistance.